Sunday, September 26, 2010

International Dot Day

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On September 15, 2010, my class and I celebrated "International Dot Day."  This day is based off of Peter Reynolds famous book, "The Dot."  This is a day to motivate students to celebrate their own creativity.  My students made Dot art:

They also went on a photography "dot" scavenger hunt around our school.  The goal of the Scavenger hunt was for them to look for "dots" that somehow symbolized how they were making their mark as an Engleman Wildcat!  WOW!!!  They went above and beyond my imagination.  They were so very creative in their quest.  Here are some of the things they took a picture of:
  • Clock-because in order to be a good Engleman Wildcat, you have to be responsible by being on time to school!
  • $500 check from Hy-Vee-because we raise money to help out our school
  • Cameras in the ceiling-because "we walk in the halls even when we are being watched."  LOL-this one made me chuckle!
  • Learning target-in order to learn we have to know what our target is and whether or not we hit the bullseye!
  • Golden Sower sticker on books-we make our mark by learning to love to read good books!
There are even more!  They did such a GOOD job on this project that I am definitely going to repeat it next year.  Not only are they celebrating their creativity, but they are also learning how to "make their mark" as a good citizen at our school!

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