Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pigs Will Be Pigs

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We have been working REALLY hard on our money skills in Math.  The kiddos are having a hard time recognizing coins-sigh!  So, I introduced the book, “Pigs Will Be Pigs,” by Amy Axelrod.

The pig family eats all the food in the house, even though Momma Pig went shopping that morning (hmmmsounds like my house.  Why is it that my kids want to eat EVERYTHING the day I buy it?)  So, the pigs all go out for dinner, but they don’t have any money.  They hunt around the house for money to go to the Enchanting Enchilada restaurant. 

I wanted my students to keep track of the amount of money they found and how much the family found all together.  Then, they had to figure out the bill at the restaurant and how much money the pigs have left. 

Here is the organizer that they used while I was reading!  I hope you can find it as useful as I did!  Click the picture below to download!