Sunday, September 26, 2010


Every year in my hometown, they have a local festival to celebrate the harvest season of apples from the orchards!  It is a tradition of my families to try to get back there to celebrate.  When we started having children and they entered school, the new tradition was to pick apples and bring them back to their classes.  Well, now that I am a teacher, I am continuing the tradition by bringing back fresh apples picked "special" by me for each of my students.  They get to taste the difference of these fresh apples compared to the apples that are processed and sold in the stores.  They absolutely LOVED them!  I even had one girl eat hers down to the core.  She picked out her seeds and everything!
My last year's class all came back to ask the kids what they thought.  It was a memory for them.  I hope to continue on with the tradition each year!

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  1. I tried to open up your math posters for view. I was unable to. Please let me know how I can view them.