Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Year, New Blog!

Good news, and bad news:

Bad News-Doesn't it always seem like they start with the bad news?  Teehee!  This blog will no longer be updated.  I am moving to third grade next year, so I started a new blog.  I have now learned that I really went about it the hard way, but I wouldn't have gotten to my good news if I would have taken the easy route ;o)  The bad news for me is that I lost all of my followers when I created my new blog :o(  So, please come visit my new blog and follow me there for updates this coming year.  I did transfer over all of my posts to the new blog, so you can still see your favorites there!

Good news-OMG, I am completely doing a happy dance right now!  I finally found a tutorial that showed me how to make my own blog from scratch!  I couldn't be happier!  You can do it, too.  Here is the link to the tutorial that I followed (I did do a little tweaking to make things work for me, and I DO have Photoshop, so that made it a little easier!) are all wondering about my new blog, right???  Well, I am excited to reveal my NEW BLOG, created completely from SCRATCH by mmmmmwwwwaaaaahhhhh!!!!  I LOVE technology.  Please choose to follow me at my new blog:


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