Monday, July 11, 2011

Box Office Behavior Clip Chart

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Ta-da!  I finished my Clip Chart to match my Hollywood theme this year.  I even made cute little clips to match.  When you look at these, you are going to see different colored clips.  The yellow, black, and red clips with popcorn pictures at the end are the clips that my kiddos will start with.  They will progress to silver, and then to gold.

***Please note...I am a FIRM believer about NOT embarrassing my students, so they will NOT have their names on their clips.  I put my student's numbers on their clip so guests, administration, etc. will not know who has had a rough day.

If they get "Off the Chart", then they receive a jewel.  After 5 jewels, then they get a silver clip.  These are the ones with "You're a Star" on them.  They then start over with getting 5 more jewels.  If they receive 5 more jewels, then they get a gold clip with an Oscar at the end of it.

YES, I did have 3 students this year earn a gold clip!!!  Many in my class earned a silver clip.  This is VERY achievable, but it is because of my expectations and allowing them the opportunity to WANT TO earn it!  I am telling you, this is a HUGE motivator in my classroom, but it is only because I make it a motivator!


  1. did you make the adorable clips? Are they spray painted? Do they have scrapbook paper on some of them? Please, please, please tell me how you did them!! I actually bought Rick Morris' clipchart year before last, but I think I want to attach the "Hollywood" lettering to it. Is that what you did, or did you make your own chart? I have a chart I made the first year I tried this out, but I love how sturdy the vinyl one is. I need the 411 on what you did! LOVE IT!

  2. Hey!!! I LOVE this idea...I have used behavior clips before, but this is much more fun! Question: How do they get "off the chart?" Sorry for my confusion! Thanks!!!!

  3. Debra-I made the clips using background paper for scrapbookers! I just modgepodged them on! It was super-d-duper easy. Then I printed out the clip art, laminated them, and cut them out with a circle cutter and hot glued them on the clip!
    Also, the clip chart is actually made with black poster board and all card stock. It is VERY sturdy and will last several years (although I switch my theme every year-so I won't use them again for several years) I am not sure how you would attach Hollywood lettering to your vinyl one?

    Julie-The kiddos get "off the chart" by making it all the way up to the red and STILL going out of their way to behave. They get to clip-up again, so they are essentially "off the chart." When they make it off the chart, I wear their clip on my lanyard all day! I love when past students I have had come up and ask "Who made it off the chart!" They get excited and then congratulate my student. It really creates a community! I hope that makes sense?

  4. I think I might cut out the Hollywood letters, laminate them, and hot glue them over the regular letters on the chart. My former one (that I made) was attached to cardboard and I still have I may rework it using the Hollywood letters if it doesn't work with the hot glue! I've never used it hard to use? Did you do just one side of the clothespins or both sides? do you make extra in case some break? I had several to come apart last year. I also use numbers not you put the numbers on the popcorn pieces?

    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

  5. Oh my gosh, if you haven't modgepodged before, you are in for a treat! I use it for EVERYTHING I want to alter. You can buy it at any store in their craft section. It is just like a clear glue/paint. You paint this glue type substance on whatever you want to stick and stay and then you put your paper, sticker, picture, etc. on the glue and then you put another coat on top of your paper, sticker, picture, etc. This seals it! It is amazing and EASY!

    When I did my clothespins, I just modgepodged over top of the paper. I didn't do an undercoat at all. I just did the top side where the paper is.

    I did make a few extra clothespins, but mainly just for new students. I have become pretty good at figuring out how to fix my clothespins when they come apart.

    Yes, I put their number on the popcorn piece!

  6. Can't wait!! My daughter is getting married next Saturday (23rd), but as soon as I'm through with that I'm modgepodging these clips! I'll send you a picture when I'm finished! Did you use the Thistle Girl popcorn clip art?

  7. Really!!! Fun! Thanks for saying I am heading over to your blog :o)

  8. Everything looks so good! I love the Hollywood theme! I've got to try out this Modgepodge.

  9. I also have a hollywood theme and can use some of your ideas. This is what I did last year.

  10. Sandy, Sandy, Sandy!!!
    YOU were my inspiration for my clip chart sayings! Yippee! Thank you SOOOOOO much!

  11. LOVE this! I wanted to try this out this year but wasn't sure what to do for the different stages/colors! Thanks SO much for sharing!

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