Tuesday, March 8, 2011

IPod Touch Apps

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Phew, it has been awhile since I have had the opportunity to post anything!
Hello blog friends!!!

Recently, a very good friend of mine won an iPod Touch for use in her classroom. She asked me what I use mine for (mine is a personal IPod Touch that I just take to my classroom to use for music.) I didn’t have any wisdom to share with her. Well, her excitement led to mine! I have been looking around for fun ways to use this technology in my classroom!

I came across THIS article that was 100% valuable! It has pages of apps that are good for educators. You have GOT TO check it out!

How do you use your IPod Touch in your classroom???


  1. Use "Voice Memo" & have students record themselves reading a book. Then, allow them to listen to the playback so they can see what they really sound like! This also means you could have lots of instant audiobooks by sharing these files. You could even have a "mystery reader" like the principal or parent volunteers record books for the students to listen to. I use an itouch and my personal iphone in the classroom. We just had a big fundraiser, and I'm getting an Ipad!!!! I'm so excited, but I need more apps, too!

    Also, Dr. Seuss interactive books are $2.99 last time I checked.


  2. Thanks Crafter wannabe! I missed all of you guys as well!

    The Voice Memo is a GREAT app. I have that currently. I am definitely going to look into the Dr. Seuss interactive books...FUN!!!

  3. Great post! I don't have iPods but I do have some kindles. I love technology and jump at the chance to use it in my room. I have a post about kindles on my blog at : http://randalllearninglibrary.blogspot.com/

    if you are interested. Also, I use wireless tablets to record math videos for my kids. You can check them out on my class site on the multimedia page at : www.mrsrandallsclass.com

    THanks for sharing! Kelley

  4. Too cool! I have an iPod but haven't ever used it in the classroom. I have a co-worker who does. I wonder if she has seen this site. I'll have to forward it to her.
    Thanks for the cool ideas!!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  5. ps. I hope you don't mind if I feature this on my site and give you a shout out!!


    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher