Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Art

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With all of the snow, wind, and COOOOLLLLDDDD weather we have had lately, we decided to put our student’s background knowledge and experience to good use (of course, we tied it into curriculum ;o)

We did a little shaving cream/glue snowman coupled with a SNOW acrostic poem that taught the students how to use small words, such as onomatopoeia along with longer phrases-in an essence, we were practicing our sentence fluency!  They were sooooo cute.  We have gotten a lot of compliments (and fingers touching our art-grrrr!)

Mangament:  We used simple Dixie cups and popsicle sticks for our materials.  Each student opened up the lid of their elmers glue and poured a small amount into the bottom of their Dixie cup (probably about 2 Tblspgive or take some.)  Then, I came around with one can of shaving cream and squirted enough in the cup to fill it up.  They then used their popsicle stick to stir it up.  Of course, I had already laid the ground work BEFORE the activity and warned them about how the shaving cream didn’t come out of their cup or they were DONE with art! 

Students painted their snowmen with their popsicle sticks.  The THICKER the shaving cream on the paper, the fluffier the snowman will be when it dries!

We had students put their buttons in the FLUFFY, wet shaving cream-this serves as the glue!  They also cut out their “goodies” for the snowmen out of construction paper and put it on the wet shaving cream.  There was NO GLUING needed!

After they were done with their art, they worked on their SNOW acrostic poem!  This was their first acrostic poem of the year, so they were a little “rough,” but they did another one the next day for another subject and they were soooooo much better!  Here is our publishing paper!

A couple on the bulletin board:

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  1. :) coincidence... I am also writing acrostics this week and doing this shaving cream snowman art!! I think they are so adorable! We wrote our acrostics on Snowmen- but I love your idea about using dixie cups and real buttons! :) I'll post how mine turn out as well! (if we get back to school to do the artwork!)

    [2nd grade blog]